the visionary art of dawn zichko

making something out of nothing

I am a Visionary Artist . . .

Though I'm largely self-taught in all mediums, I attended Dutchess Community College in 1981. It is there I received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design (1983) and then continued studies two more years at Western Connecticut State University which earned me gainful employment in that field.

I worked in Graphic Arts from 1982 through to 1993 when I left that career path to be home with a growing family. In 1994, with a group of women, I self-published MoonCircles, a Pagan networking newsletter sold locally. MoonCircles enjoyed a good two-year run filled with monochromatic artwork, in-depth articles and practical information. In 1998, I rediscovered my creative roots through resources like Painting From the Source®, Mandala and Touch Drawing all of which endorse creativity based on presence and passion rather than technical execution and talent.

It is my passion as an Artist to utilize elements in my environment to create art. It is my practice to create everyday and as a result my work goes in many directions ~ painting in all mediums and on varied surfaces, ink drawings, pencil drawings (graphite and color), visual journaling, fiber arts (spinning, knitting and weaving),constructed hangings of knitting and found objects, temporary creations in Nature, photography, portraits. Presence, passion and opportunity are the main factors in all I create.